The Church Lobby

In recent years the church lobby and welcome area has adopted a new identity. Where formerly a church lobby was merely an area to greet incoming congregants and hand out materials such as welcome packets and church bulletins, modern day church lobbies have expanded to include things like lounge areas, coffee shops, bookstores, information centers and more. With increased time spent in church because of various services, events, and programs to be involved in, many churches have incorporated outside elements that individuals might have previously sought out beyond the walls of the church before or after services. Elements like food and beverages, social areas for sitting and conversing, and stores for purchasing books, videos and service recordings. All of these additions are included to create a more inviting experience when attending church and to create an atmosphere that encourages people to stay longer and get involved.
Things like book sales, video sales, food and drink sales and the like also help with church economy, raising funds for various needs throughout the church. Often one will find that these services exist to benefit charities and missions locally and worldwide. While purchasing a coffee at a store outside of the church will benefit the store, congregants can be inspired by the fact that buying a coffee in the church will benefit a greater cause; whether that be church growth, humanitarian efforts, or both.
These newer church lobby and welcome area additions only enhance the initial purpose of the space which exists to welcome guests and church members and connect them to the ministry. It is important to know the goals of the area and to be well prepared with the materials you need and with the church furniture you will need to help in creating that welcoming atmosphere. Welcome centers or stands for handing out bulletins and information are vital to nearly every lobby. Depending on how large the space and the people the church is reaching out to, things like café tables and chairs, couches, flower tables and end tables are all important furniture pieces to include when designing the space.

The ultimate goal of the church lobby area is to make people feel welcome as they enter into the church which makes them more receptive to experiencing the love of God through His people, through worship, and through the proclamation of the Gospel. Above the coffee shops, the bookstores, and the church décor, the love and acceptance freely given by Christians to those entering the church is the element that leaves the biggest impression and will keep people coming back.


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