Featured Product - The 222 Elim Pulpit

Feature product article provided by Church Furniture Store

Three hundred and twenty thousand was the estimated amount of Christian churches operating in the United States in 2007. That is a lot of churches and a lot of church furniture. With that quantity of church buildings, spanning multiple states, and that much variety in culture and congregations, style choices in pulpits and pulpit furniture are vast and varied. Some churches consist of a congregation that leans toward traditional styling, while others are on the cutting edge of stage and light productions. Each church and church style plays an important role in reaching their community’s specific needs and accomplishing the shared goal of spreading the Good News of the Gospel.

One of the pulpit varieties that we build is the 222Elim Church Pulpit. The unique characteristics and design of this pulpit give it an appeal that reaches across traditional and contemporary lines, making it a popular piece of pulpit furniture. As with all of our wood church furniture, we build the 222 Elim Pulpit here at our facility in Rocky Mount, Virginia using only quality hardwood construction. Our team of wood craftsmen hand build the pulpit with care and precision.

The 222 Elim Church Pulpit boasts a variety of features including an angled, lift top Bible rest with inner storage, a fixed rear shelf for additional storage (ideal for storing a water bottle or books and teaching materials), and a wide top offering increased surface area. One of the visual aspects of this pulpit that causes it to stand out are the four wood, tube shaped columns surrounding the rectangular center section, supporting the pulpit top. While the pulpit, sometimes called a lectern or podium, has an overall traditional style, these striking additions give it a modern design flare that widens the appeal base. Combining this with the variety of stains and finishes we offer, as well of combinations of stains and finishes to accent and highlight different parts of the pulpit, make this unique piece of church furniture a church favorite.

Because we build our own wood pulpits we can also customize and upgrade options on any of our standard models to include features to meet your church’s specific needs. Making pulpits larger or smaller, adding additional shelves or storage, and custom engraving church logos and emblems are just a few of the services we can offer as upgrades.


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